Outsiders’ Ryan Hurst and Kyle Gallner on what the future holds for their characters


Last week’s episode of Outsiders left the fans with their jaws wide open after the death of our beloved Lady Ray at the hands of her son, Big Foster. Now, Big Foster has become Bren’in of the clan, which would affect everyone on the mountain – and off the mountain. What is going to happen to our favorite characters with this change? We caught up with Ryan Hurst and Kyle Gallner to discuss the major change in storyline and how this change in power affect these characters.

Hurst, who plays Lil Foster, tells us not much will change because he’s always been close to his father, Big Foster. “I don’t think it changes that much for Lil Foster. He’s always been under the thumb of Big Foster to begin with.” He adds, “From everything you see with Lil Foster with Lady Ray, she was more of a Queen than she was a grandmother. They didn’t have an intimate relationship. It’s still more of a father-son dynamic. Big Foster has always had control over Lil Foster. I don’t think it’s going to change much for Lil.”

Gallner, whose character Hasil was last seen berating Big Foster in the cage, laughed, “I poked the sleeping bear the last episode. So Big has a beef with me, so it changes my dynamic where it might not be the safest place for me. So he has to figure out what he has to do.”

Maybe it’s time for Hasil to leave the mountain and just be with Sally Ann and her people. Gallner thinks there will be issues with that, especially with what happened the last time we saw them together. He explains, “I think their relationship is going to always be an issue. I don’t belong where she lives. She doesn’t belong where he lives. You’re going to watch us try to make things work. We’re pushed.”

Well, especially after Hasil has beaten her brother to a pulp, would there still be a chance? “Our relationship is stressed and we start having to make some serious choices and really figuring out what to do and questioning if we could do this,” Gallner adds, “We’ll watch the relationship going through some serious ups and down coming soon”

There will be so many changes in dynamics and relationships with Big Foster’s newfound power. It all comes down to Lil Foster and his knowledge of it all – knowing his father caused Lady Ray’s death and how it’s going to affect his relationships. Hurst tells us,”With this show it’s not that simple, whether it’s Hasil and Sally Ann relationship or the Bre’nin and Lil Foster, it’s much more used as a gateway to explore much larger issues that have to do with the personal dynamic and interracial dynamic. It’s not just boy gets girl, boy loses girl. There is going to be some real dynamic changes in how they relate to each other. There is a big one that is right around the corner. How that affects Lil Foster becoming his own person is significant – because he’s so co-dependent on Big Foster and also with his relationship to G’win, I think this slowly but surely he’ll become his own human being.”

Outsiders airs on Tuesdays on WGN America.

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