Star Wars: The Old Republic – Anarchy in Paradise review

It has been little over a month since the release of the Firebrand chapter for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and some of you would suspect that there would be an immediate review for this chapter of Knights of the Fallen Empire and I would say you are correct. However, between my personal experiences and those of players in the game, the chapter served as a filler narrative in order to include a character who was natively a part of the Imperial Agent storyline.


At the climax of Chapter 9, the formation of a new alliance between Republic and Imperials against the Eternal Empire fell upon the shoulders of your hero, the Outlander. At the release of Chapter 10, it was the hope of the player-base that there would be content on par with Chapter 9, but many felt it was short on narrative.

Fortunately, we saw the return of HK-55, thanks to the efforts of Professor Oggurubb, who we have the opportunity to reprogram through an engaging mini-game. This mini-game allowed us to pick robot targets that were representative of allied, civilian, and enemy targets that ultimately would affect how HK-55 performed in later critical moments. And like Mass Effect’s portrayal of consequence in decisions, I’m certain it will have great ramifications.


Unfortunately, through the duration of Chapter 10, we are unable to utilize a companion of our choosing and are stuck with Theron Shan and then Firebrand herself. The screen which has you select a companion to start the Chapter is ultimately pointless.


The direction and momentum of the chapter is action-packed and engaging, starting with the intelligence report of an arsonist terrorizing the home planet of Prince Arcann. All the while, the recent success of the Outlander has spurred the actions of the Prince to consider a multi-planet attack. With Theron, you track Firebrand and you spend all of the Chapter getting to know about her and the mentality of the civilian population on Zakuul.


Was there anything more? No. It served as a character focus and an expansion on background for the Eternal Empire, wrapped in the explosion of a Michael Bay film. Aside from Firebrand’s introduction to the team, Koth Vortena, whom you acquired in earlier chapters, is heavily influenced by the choice you make in relations to Firebrand, as he is highly sympathetic to the civilians of the Eternal Empire, so be wary of him— because I utterly dismissed my reputation with the guy.

Aside from Firebrand, another chapter was just recently released: Disavowed. Given the amount of content in Anarchy in Paradise, it makes sense to release Disavowed as a separate content to focus on another aspect of this expansion. With Chapter 11 being released, there is a projected five more chapters for this expansion.

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