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I’ve always encourage people to stock up on their science-related books. Although I do believe in a balance of all types of books of course (because books are awesome), we all need those inspiring STEM books that make us feel smart and empowered. I try and discover a few every couple of months and read them before I move onto the next. So, I’ve complied a small list of current science-related books you have to get your hands on! And hey, even if you’re not a STEM major, don’t even worry about it. Science is for everyone! That’s why these books are so versatile and you don’t need to be Sheldon Cooper to understand them. Let’s get into it.

First and foremost, let’s start with a classic. Stephen Hawking’s A Brief History of Time is the ultimate book for all your space needs. It covers a vast majority of concepts and theories and gives you an explanation for various topics. I’m pretty sure everyone is fascinated by a black hole, and leave it Stephen Hawking to explain them to you. Not only does it cover black holes, though. It also talks about the Big Bang and versatile subjects regarding cosmology. This is why this book is a perfect way to indulge into science and space, while also being a great book to start off with if you’re new to the area. Please check it out! Everyone needs it, I believe.

Stephen Hawking // Brief History

Next up, is a book called Super Intelligence. Although this one isn’t specifically focused on black holes or space time, I think it’s pretty cool to ponder on. It’s more of a general area of science and focuses on the theory of artificial intelligence. It’s a deep concept by Nick Bostrom, and really digs deep into the world of AI’s and how they will come into play within the future. It’s not happening now, but it could soon. If you’re looking for something interesting and new to play around with, this is your book! Get it here.

For something a big more out of the box, I wanted to add a book called The Perception Deception by David Icke. This is really hit and miss, especially because people have a bone to pick with him as well as his theory and concept. The topic, our universe and manipulating it in every way, shape, and form, is for lack of a better description, not really factual. It’s 100% your thing if you’re into conspiracies, having your mind-blown, and really thinking twice about your place in the natural world. It’s extremely heavy and Icke does a wonderful job touching new bases in the science world. Much different from that of A Brief History of Time, but nevertheless absolutely interesting and brilliant. Like I said, it’s quite the controversial book, but if you’re open minded and want to freak out a little bit, I highly recommend it. You can get it here!

David Icke //

Lastly, one of my favorite books I’m currently powering through is called A Conception of the Universe or Exploring the Universe Within by Jeffrey C. Vogt. I have mentioned this book in a previous article, but I feel as if I cannot give it enough credit. Physics and science allows us to take our world and our universe and manipulate it into things you could never believe. Opening your eyes to the wonderful word of theories, physics, math, and science, really makes you look at everything around you in a new perspective. This book helps you to do just that. It ranges anywhere from black holes to photons, solar systems, and dark energy. This is your ultimate science book and it’s definitely a book to read once you have a basic understanding of astronomy and physics. It’s brilliant and I encourage you to check it out. As an astrophysics major, this book is everything I could of asked for! Buy it here.

Remember, science is for anyone and everyone. Strengthening your knowledge on the universe above, toying with various theories and concepts, digging into different subjects that have yet to prove themselves and taking the universe apart piece by piece is all apart of this fantastic world we live in. If you’re looking for everything I just explained then these four are a perfect way to begin your journey into the world of STEM, or even branch out / find something new to read about!

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