Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein!

As it has come to my attention, today is Einstein’s birthday and I feel it didn’t received as much hype as it should have! A lot of people focused on Pi Day and National Napping Day, which is great, but we gotta give it to one of the best men in history!

First off, I’ll start by saying Happy Birthday Albert Einstein! We thank you for all your amazing research and inspiration that has swarmed our hearts and brains over the vast majority of years.

Albert Einstein //

This year we should be extra appreciative towards this man, seeing as his general theory of relativity has finally been proven! Thanks to LIGO, gravitational waves, and Einstein’s concept has come to life, making this year even more special than the last.

Not only that, but we thank him for his very famous equation regarding mass and energy. We all know e=mc2, right?!

Nevertheless, we should all thank this man for his amazing impact in the science world. Although Pi Day and National Nap Day is pretty sweet, I think most of us nerds can agree that Einstein’s birth is way cooler!

Check out these cool facts about the man himself!

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