Deadpool shoves Iron Man and Man of Steel under the zamboni

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It’s the R-Rated “superhero” movie that’s still making marks out in Hollywood. I use quotes for the word “superhero” since Deadpool isn’t really a superhero per se. That said, it’s still making major waves by currently booting Man of Steel and Iron Man from their box office spots for a domestic release. If you take a look at‘s list, you can see where Deadpool is now residing currently. Or if you’re in a Deadpool mind-set, you’d be squatting over Man of Steel and Iron Man giving them a celebratory teabag.

Deadpool is now at the #10 spot and is still climbing. If it keeps this steady ascent, then good ‘ole DP is about to DP Guardians of the Galaxy. No offense James Gunn! This is what happens when a studio finally listens to the fans after they’ve told them all along to stay as close to the character’s essence as possible. With a little help from Ryan Reynolds of course. 😉



Source:  Box Office Mojo

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