UFC 2 tutorials are already available

ufs 2 cover ronda conor

The key to being a superior virtual mixed martial artist is practice and studying the game. For those out there that are wanting to get a head start on the competition in the new EA’s UFC 2, get excited because EA has launched a web page that gives you all of the button mapping, tips and tricks for opening digital cans of whoop ass on your foes.

One thing I uncovered was that the “Brand New” 360-degree head movement feature was a mechanic that was taken directly from EA’s MMA game that released in 2010. In fact, the controls of holding the left trigger while rotating the left thumbstick are the exact same. I personally loved the head movement aspect of the game in the original EA’s MMA and see it as a much-welcomed addition. Now if they will only take a few tips from its Career Mode…

Other tutorials include: performing takedowns, modifying strikes, submission defense, and more. See the complete list of tutorials here. Nothing much in the list of tips really shakes up the world, but to quote Nate Diaz,” Hey, I’m not surprised m***** f******.”

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