New Killer Instinct Season 3 characters and mode leaked


Thanks to Shoryuken, we get out first look at two more characters joining Killer Instinct Season 3: Mira and General RAAM.


Mira is actually Maya’s late twin sister. She was introduced via Maya’s extended story which you can read here. So far Mira is a mystery since she is supposed to be dead.


You may or may not remember the name General RAAM, depends on if you’ve played Gear of War. General RAAM will join Halo’s Arbiter and Rash from Battleotads as the third guest character for season 3. The question remains…what kind of arsenal will the 9-foot tall monster be? I’m voting for Lancer!


It seems Season 3 will include a new mode known as the Shadow Lords mode. It’s speculated that this mode may incorporate some sort of global war scenario. How it will be implemented remains to be seen, but the screenshot below displays some different options for your hub.


Killer Instinct Season 3 is set to launch on March 29th for Xbox One and PC.

Source: Shoryuken

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