King of Fighters XIV adds three more characters to roster


SNK Playmore released the seventh trailer for King of Fighters XIV, which reveals three more fighters that will be joining the game.

Tung Fu Rue is the legendary master of Hakkyokuseiken. He was the former master of both Jeff Bogard and Geese Howard before Geese killed Jeff out of jealousy. He was first playable in the original Fatal Fury game as well as Real Bout Fatal Fury series, and finally a secret character in King of Fighter XI.


Mini Freddy Kruger is back. Choi Bounge has been playable in nearly every King of Fighters game beginning with ’94 up until 2002, where he’s taken some much needed time off, from Kim’s “Rehabilitation project”.


Like Choi, Chin Gentsai has appeared in nearly every King of Fighters game as part of the Psycho Soldiers Team. A master of The Drunken Fist style, Chin is a very dangerous opponent to have in close range, as he can attack you with a barrage of mix ups.

There is still no set release date for PlayStation 4 exclusive King of Fighters XIV, but there are still plenty of characters to see fill the 52 character roster.

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