Bethesda has been meeting with movie studios for potential Fallout movie

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Fallout 4 has made Bethesda very happy with 12 million units sold ($750 million in revenue)… and that’s just during the launch day. Now it looks like fans can expect to see a Fallout movie some time in the future.

Executive producer Todd Howard has revealed that Bethesda has been meeting with different movie studios.

“We’ve had a couple of in-roads, particularly with Fallout, which is a bit stickier than Elder Scrolls, but everybody’s kind of asked and I’ve taken a number of meetings over the years and nothing quite clicked….I would say we have a pretty high bar as far as what we would want it to be if it ever happened and nothing’s quite clicked.”

Even though it looks like Bethesda wants a Fallout movie made, it looks like Howard hasn’t been wowed by any studio yet. Perhaps Bethesda should just form its own movie studio similar to Ubisoft.

Source: Game Industry

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