Check out this fun Division fan film, The Diversion

the division steamkittens
(Photo by Steamkittens)

I have been spending a lot of time with Ubisoft’s The Division this week, and with Fury Fingers, the team that brought us the action-packed and funny Tomb Raider fan film, also releasing The Division fan film, I just had to share this with you guys and gals. The team collaborated with Ubisoft and cosplayers to produce the short film, “The Diversion,” featuring SHD Agents on a mission to take out the bad guys. There’s plenty of shooting, turret, sticky bomb, and hologram distractions.

Check it out below.

The story takes place in New York, and the team had to make the small town of Summer Adelaide (South Australia) look similar to the Big Apple.

The fan film stars JusZCosplay as the lead character. Floksy Locksy Cosplay also makes an appearance.

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