San Jose proves they have what it takes to host World Con 76


Every year there is a convention for science fiction fans to mingle and talk about their love for science fiction and fantasy literature, television, movies, and animation. Sure, we have tons of conventions like this, but this one is different. This isn’t your standard comic convention that is based in one location. This is a traveling convention whose members choose what city from all over the world to host the annual convention. This is the World Science Fiction Convention aka World Con.

Started in the late 1930s, World Con has been the convention to attend for costumes/cosplayers and lovers of geek-related things. Yes, this was technically the first comic con and it’s still going strong. So much so, they were the convention that created the Hugo Awards, after Amazing Stories editor Hugo Gernsback.

With the members of World Con choosing where the conventions will be, San Jose, located in Northern California, has placed their bid to host World Con for 2018.

After attending a World Con bid party during Gallifrey One, held by San Jose bid committee organizers Andrew Trembley and Kevin Roche, I got to experience firsthand what to expect from their well thought-out League of Evil Geniuses event. With the space given to them at the convention, San Jose’s Bidding Committee transformed the room into an evil fortress with photos of almost every evil villain hanging on the walls like portraits in a mansion. From Star Trek’s Khan to Doctor Who’s Masters to Cruella di Vil and even Barney the Dinosaur. Yes, Barney the Dinosaur still haunts my dreams of loving me to death.

Conference chair and scientific engineer Kevin Roche brought out his award-winning cocktail robot The ThinBot, named after the 1930s Thin Man films, to showcase to the audience on what to expect for their convention – Innovation. Winner of the RoboGames, The ThinBot carried out a number of cocktails with just a press of the button on an iPad and kept the crowd entertained with its whimsical colors and delicious concoctions.

There were tons of food and drinks available for the crowd, donned in their cosplays, celebrating the evil villains we all grew up watching. The organizers were there at hand talking about their love for science fiction and fantasy, including how important it was to showcase San Jose to World Con. “The Bay Area has a vibrant and diverse convention scene, from big commercial conventions like the new Silicon Valley Comic Con to Fanime, an anime extravaganza, and a wide variety of fan-run gaming and general science fiction conventions,” Trembley explained to us, “We go to every Worldcon we can, to find out what fans in different cities can do to make a great Worldcon. We would like to return the favor again.”

So what exactly does San Jose have to offer? Just about everything a science fiction fan would love in a convention. The committee has thought about everything for the fans and members planning to attend – convention activities, travel expenses, hotels, local transportation, and things for you to do when you want a break from the con. They really thought of everything. Trembley ended the talk by telling us they would like to bring their community together to build a Worldcon that represents San Jose and the whole Bay Area to the world.

So, how can you help? Only members of WorldCon are eligible to vote for the site selection. If you’re attending the 2016 WorldCon in Kansas City, Missouri, this year, you are eligible to vote! You could also vote by becoming a supporting member in the 2016 WorldCon for $50. This does not allow you to attend the convention, but it allows you to nominate and vote in the Hugo Awards and the WorldCon Site Selection. If you can’t do any of those, you could help by sharing their website on social media.

For more information on San Jose and their bid, check out their website here.

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