Mega Yarn Yoshii amiibo back in stock March 20 at Toys ‘R’ US


Did you miss out on the Mega Yarn Yoshii amiibo the first time it was released at Toys ‘R’ US? Well, if you were patient enough not to spend a large sum of money on eBay, you are in luck. Toys ‘R’ Us has confirmed that it will be receiving more of the cute and huggable 11″ giant amiibo by March 20th.

Similar to the release back in November, there will be a limited amount of these released (somewhere around 30 per store), and will retail for $39.99. You may also want to check your local TRU though as it’s also been reported that some stores have already been selling them.

The Mega Yarn Yoshi is compatible with Yoshi Wooly World, as well as Super Mario Maker, Super Smash Bros. (both Wii U and 3DS), Mario and Luigi Paper Jam, Mario Party 10, Mario Kart 8, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and more.

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