Riot Games acquires Radiant Entertainment


Riot Games, the company behind the wildly popular MOBA, League of Legends, announced today that they’ve acquired Radiant Entertainment, an indie studio from Los Altos, California. This marks the first time that Riot has publicly announced an acquisition of an external studio since the studio exploded into the scene with LoL. 

Radiant is known for their two games, Stonehearth, a town-building simulator game, and the upcoming Rising Thunder, a free-to-play fighting game. However as a result of the buyout, Rising Thunder (currently in its alpha stage), will be shuttered on March 18 and they will begin work on a new IP

Radiant’s founders, Tom and Tony Cannon, were also the founders of the Evolution Championship Series, the largest fighting game tournament held every year in the summer.

Source: Radiant Entertaiment

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