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Mortal Kombat is back again with the second iteration of MKX, cleverly named Mortal Kombat XL and implying that its even larger than before. Technically it is. They have added four characters into the arena of skull crushing, bone shattering, and spine ripping action. MKXL is identical to the base game but with more content, so I won’t be diving into too much detail about the basics. This will mostly be covering whats new and what I liked and didn’t like.


Well, let’s start with what’s obviously new, the four additional characters. A solid mix of new challengers and old favorites have been added to the cast this time around. Returning from previous Mortal Kombat games are Bo’Rai Cho, the drunken combat master of MK. Smoke, Sektor, and Cyrax also return, but they have been combined into one character, Tri-borg, and each of their special moves can be accessed when selecting your character variation. Newcomers to the series are no stranger to the bloody and gory guest characters. This time, it includes Leatherface of Texas Chainsaw Massacre fame and Alien from well… Alien. Along with the new characters, we got more stage fatalities, character balancing and even some extra costumes for some of our favorites.

Meet Your New Combatants

Alien is by far my favorite newcomer and being able to summon face huggers to disable your foes can lead to some devastatingly nasty combos. I thoroughly enjoy its fatalities, and it’s very inline with what you would expect, and the interactions between him and Predator are interesting. Alien feels somewhat similar D’vorah, thanks to his tail. Besides this, it feels as though their skills are completely unique from one another.

Bo’Rai Cho is a guilty pleasure of mine. The ability to combine alcohol, fire and flatulence in a fight is just one of those things you have to see to believe. Depending on your variation, like all characters, it will give you more access to his certain elements. One gives him his staff, another focuses on fire, and the final form focuses on his drunken shenanigans (vomit included).

Triborg is an interesting return to the series depending on his variation. His specials are pulled from three veterans: Smoke, Cyrax, and Sektor. While each of his special moves have unique mix-ups, links and combos, their fatalities are all identical which was a bit of a letdown in my opinion. That being said, the character is still enjoyable and a fun addition to confuse your opponents when swapping variations in between matches.

Leatherface rounds out the new additions, and besides fitting in with other horror icons (Alien, Predator, etc), he didn’t appeal to me as a fit for Mortal Kombat. However after putting in some time with him, his mallet and chainsaw mechanics work very well in tandem. Also, his fatality where he hangs his victim on a hanging hook like in the movies is by far the most gut-wrenching for me.


Whats New in XL?

So besides the characters, we didn’t really get much other content, depending on the package you purchase. If you want to find more info on which version to purchase, you can check out my other article. Besides the characters, we get some new costumes and Goro, for those that missed him as a pre-order bonus. The newest update after release also included one new stage, the classic “Pit”. We also get more stage fatalities including the ability to unleash kraken on the Kove stage along with a few others. Other than that, sadly there isn’t much else new to the newest entry in Mortal Kombat. This isn’t too surprising since many other fighting games release updated version yearly, adding more characters. Doing what makes others successful doesn’t guarantee your own success in the same field.

There has also been new dialogue added to the intros before fights begin. The best by far are any of Johnny Cage’s new additions for the newest cast members. Warning some are a bit NSFW. Special thanks to Justin Critch for compiling them in one sweet video.

Final Reaction

If you already own MKX, for the low price of $20-$25, you can add all the extra characters and costumes for the full XL treatment, which isn’t terrible for the amount of characters and skins. However if you didn’t care for the original MKX and no longer own it, you will be getting the same package with XL, just with a few extra bonuses. That being said, the balance changes that have occurred throughout the year, the solid combat mechanics, modes of play and unlockables, and the revolving towers that still update constantly make this a great choice for all Mortal Kombat fans.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

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