New uncut Escaflowne HD dub is all set to go


Anime fans who remember the ’90s might remember a certain mecha-fantasy-romance anime series called The Vision of Escaflowne that appealed to both male and female audiences alike. Funimation is now bringing back an all-new HD uncut dub of the series! Due to censorship, some of the scenes in the anime were never dubbed and never aired, resulting in the requirement of a whole new cast for the new dub.

On February 27th, Funimation launched its kickstarter to gauge interest in this reboot. They reached their goal of $150,000 in just 3.5 days, and another full month to go! Donors, of course, get special perks, so make sure you contribute by March 30th to obtain them!

There’s a “special pre-order of a one-of-a-kind version of Part 1 that includes a beautiful chipboard housing box and art cards featuring illustrations from the series,” and much more, including the potential to get a tour of the Funimation facilities, a bag of Funimation goodies with the Collector’s Set, and voice work that will appear in the new Escaflowne dub at the highest tier.

Check out more of the details here!

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