Could Mercury’s surface be covered in lead?

Remember when we used to use pencils that were made in the form of 100% lead? What if I told you that Mercury is covered in nothing but that?

If you didn’t know, Mercury is much darker than the moon. It’s the first planet from the sun, very small, and also happens to have the fastest orbit in the solar system. This is because of how close it is to our star, which ultimately means it orbits at nearly 112,000 mph.

Mercury // NASA

But it holds a mystery; one that has scientists on with a new front – Mercury’s surface is covered with enriched carbon, which is in the form of graphite. Using NASA’s Messenger orbiter, we found evidence of carbon, which happens to be much higher than that of our Earth and its moon, as well as Mars.

About 4.5 billion years ago, Mercury was just becoming what we see today. It was solidifying from its original form, a ball of molten magma. Scientists believe that this graphite came from that point in time, basically floating its way to the surface and ultimately creating the image of Mercury we know.

I bet that makes you think about how cool lead pencils really are, right?

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