Blizzard reveals Overwatch open beta and release dates


Some of you may be jealous of your friend playing in closed beta of Overwatch right now. Well, be jealous no further as Blizzard is taking the game to the next step by announcing the next date for Open Beta as well as the game’s official release. Overwatch will officially be released on May 24th for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 users.

The open beta has also been announced for May 3rd as an early access for pre-orders with the general public beta running from May 4th to May 9th.

Blizzard has mentioned that pre-orders will get TWO beta invites to share one with your friend. Console users will automatically be flagged for the beta if they pre-order through PSN or Xbox Store with the extra key being sent later.

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Source: Official Blizzard Blog

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