Hands-on with top-down shooter ‘Rogue Continuum’


Rogue Continuum is a top-down shooter that can be unforgiving at times, in the style, and vein of games like R-Type and Smash TV but with a bit more depth.

I got to sit down and play with William Tan of Rocktastic Games, one of the developers of Rogue Continuum, and he walked me through some of the features of the early access game. As of now the game has two playable modes, a story mode and a hoard mode. In each mode you and three other local friends can play as one of the four characters that all have a unique play style. From the sniper that does high damage but has low health, to the more tank-like robot that can soak up a bit more damage, each character feels a a little different. There’s an option for an armory where players can purchase weapons and upgrades to help fight the alien menace that plagues the planet.

The story is pretty straightforward with inspirations taken from a lot of sci-fi movies like Starship Troopers, and of course, Aliens. Aliens have destroyed the planet and only a few survivors escape on a ship, only to travel back in time 30 days to try to stop the aliens from destroying Earth. This is a good enough reason for lots of actions, which this game provides.

The game’s difficulty feels like an homage to all the old school classics, but with a twist; your characters level up and grow stronger. You gain new abilities and even put points into different stats, which makes the replay value go up. Adding on to the replay value is the fact that the levels are semi-procedural, so it doesn’t always feel like you’re running through the same level twice.

Rogue Continuum gives you that good old fashion couch coop and ramps up the difficulty for each play involved, forcing you to start the level all over if the team gets wiped out. Hopefully, you took out enough enemies to power you character up so when you do it all over again, you progress a little bit further. You definitely get the feeling like you are advancing the more you play.

Now the game is still in early access, and William has said the team is hard at work to implement online play and finishing up some levels designs. The team also has plans to port the game over to the consoles as well. From what I’ve played, Rogue Continuum looks to be headed in the right direction to bring back that old school shooter feeling with modern aspects.You can check the trailer out below, and the game is available now on steam.

You can check the trailer out below. The early access game is available now on Steam.

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