Can Woodes Rogers save Nassau? Black Sails XXV review


I am reasonable in seeking peace. But if you insist on making me your villain, I’ll play the part.

Woodes Rogers, Governor of New Providence, has wasted no time in leaving his imprint upon Nassau. The impact of his strategies has caused everlasting effects that will shape the course of history. One man whose ambition to rid piracy of the Bahamas will not rest until they are back under English rule. And thus far the pardon has successfully rid the island of piracy. Edward Teach and Charles Vane both fled far from the island. Every pirate has attempted to turn to normalcy, that is until Flint’s return. His freedom from the maroon’s island comes at the chance of bringing forth with him the forces to overtake Nassau, Woodes Rogers, England’s rule. Rogers, a man of politics but no stranger to war, has more at stake than just his future. Black Sails XXV sends us on the chase for the remaining portion of the Urca de Lima gold. A prize with its presence being been felt throughout the series and has changed the course of everyone seeking.

Before arriving at Nassau, Woodes Rogers has had a well, laid-out plan on how to secure the island of New Providence back under English rule. That plan involved pardoning the entire island whose main residents have been pirates for several decades. An island destined for trade from plundered goods who has caused trouble for several countries and hindered their trade routes. An island with a reputation has created some of the most notorious pirates of the Golden Age of Piracy. One swift message and it all disappeared. Rogers has freed the Nassau of piracy, rid the island of Teach and Vane and has set forth the island under English rule again. Rogers voyage has been partially funded by Spain, putting their faith in him securing the Urca de Lima gold and sending it back to Spain. The gold itself has caused more trouble for Rogers than he previously thought, with a spy revealing herself to what Spain is aware of. Knowing that Spain is aware of the transactions that Max put in place, every gold piece will need to be accounted for and be responsible by Rogers. This is where Rogers can show himself a tactical leader, gaining what he needs to secure his and Nassau’s future without hurting or killing anyone. The price of Jack Rackham’s arrest is high given that a full pardon was for everyone except Charles Vane. Rackham’s arrest has raised suspicion to which only his unharmed release can ease the minds of the people of Nassau.


The main problem for Rogers is that Spain wants Rackham. As a token of appreciation from Rogers, the gold must be sent with the man who secured it in the first place. Moving forward with that won’t just secure Nassau for Rogers, but also set off a chain of events that’ll slowly destroy the trust that Rogers has built. If Rackham, a pirate who came to accept the pardon was arrested and sent to Spain for crimes he committed, who else is next to be arrested should Governor Rogers need to? And these suspicions are slowly rising in Featherstone, who stumbles upon Max and Eleanor talking about Rackham being sent to Spain. Although he seems like it was nothing, it slowly raises questions to the governor and seeks information of the trade for Rackham that could unravel a set of lies put in place by Rogers. Flint and the Queen have set their sights on Nassau, ready to bring a fleet to attack head on but failed to secure it from Teach.

Now Flint has his sights on the pardoned pirates of Nassau and sends a message to recruit. John Silver is sent reminding the pardoned pirates of the crew they abandoned with a dire warning to anyone who signed the pardon will rejoin Flint or else. Dufresne sees through the warning and deduces it to nothing but an empty threat. Silver smashes Dufrense with a cup, knocking him down. Silver takes a few steps toward Dufresne’s head and strikes him with his fake leg 4 times, killing him while sending the message to those watching that they will not be forgotten if they don’t rejoin.


Seeing the threat credible, Hornigold announces to bring an army waiting for Flint’s arrival but is denounced by Rogers knowing that an army waiting for Flint would suggest that he’s weak seeing that Flint may not arrive. He sends Max to the brothel to ensure no man will be there because they don’t want to be there. Eleanor suggests an alternative that sees Rogers waiting for Flint on the beach himself. Flint and Rogers see eye to eye for the first time. Rogers reveals what brought him to Nassau; it was the work Thomas Hamilton has done along with Flint and him only finishing what they both started. Wondering what the fight is for, given he is providing what they originally wanted. All the pirates are pardoned; none is tried or hanged. Flint reveals it’s more than the pardon, but what they were fighting for. Hamilton was fighting for the pardon to prove that England can change and he was killed for it. Mrs. Barlow went to Charles Town with Flint to argue for the pardons, to make peace with England and she was killed for it. Flint fights for Nassau to remove England from it and won’t stop fighting for it. Rogers wants to create peace but removes the pardon and will assume anyone participating in piracy will be one of Flint’s men. They will be hunted and hanged and Rogers won’t be hiding in fear of Flint.


The standoff between Flint and Rogers has set the stage for the battle to come. The pardon has now been removed and any man participating in piracy will be hanged, including Flint and his men. Rogers has proved himself a formidable foe for Flint. He came with a full force ready to overtake Nassau but instead has used diplomacy to retake it without a single shot fired on the island. Flint is ready to recruit anyone who is willing to retake the pledge against England and is sizing up his cache of weapons for the upcoming battle. The only thing that can prevent Rogers from winning is Jack Rackham and the remaining Urca de Lima prize. Rogers has both and is ready to send them to Spain, but Flint and his crew are fully aware of the gems and Rackham accompanying them. They only have one shot to turn the tide in their favor, but even without Rackham and the gems, Flint’s presence in Nassau could be more than enough to secure enough recruits. Rogers fears the public opinion most, and with Flint making his return, he’s going to need more than just his wits. Only 3 episodes remain for Season 3 of Black Sails and two sides a forming a collision that will seal the fate for Nassau and its residents.

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