Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge, a new game for your amiibo


One new title we learned about during the Nintendo Direct was Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge, which will be a free-to-download title for the Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS that works with your amiibo figures.

Tapping your compatible amiibo figure will unlock a unique stage that your amiibo will play. The trailer shows Mario with a wall jump ability, Donkey Kong being able to quickly traverse inclines, and Rosalina jumping higher than normal. Currently, only 10 amiibo figures are confirmed to work being Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Toad, Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, Lugi, Bowser Jr., Rosalina and Diddy Kong.

Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge will be available to download on April 25th, but Best Buy, GameStop and Amazon will have early access where purchasing any amiibo starting March 25th will let you download the game a month early.

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