Exclusive: Agent Carter to be renewed for season 3

AGent Carter 2

Update: We apologize for this, but Agent Carter won’t be renewed for a third season. We will try harder in the future to make sure our sources are correct. (via EW)

Original Story:

Marvel’s Agent Carter ended its season two finale this week, and fans are worried that ABC won’t be renewing the series due to low ratings. Episode 8 and 9 aired back-to-back last week with just 2.5 million viewers and had a 0.7 rating for adults 18-49. The finale was the lowest of the season with 2.35 million viewers. (Last year’s finale had 4.02 million viewers with a 1.3 rating for adults 18-49.)

However, we have some good news. A source within the studio has revealed to us that ABC has decided to stick with the show and will be renewing Agent Carter for season three. Marvel hasn’t made the official announcement yet, but it has revealed that Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has been renewed for season four.

The first season of Marvel’s Agent Carter followed Peggy Carter’s journey in New York City as she tries to live on without Captain America and prove that she is a valued asset to SSR. The second season has her heading to Los Angeles to investigate a murder case that leads her on a mission to stop an evil scientist from possessing the ultimate power.

Personally, I thought Agent Carter season 2 could have been better (Whitney Frost wasn’t a compelling enough villain). I’m hoping Marvel will be able to redeem itself with the third season.

What did you guys think of Agent Carter season 2? What was your favorite thing about the show? Least favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.

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