The streets of Los Angeles are running wild with ‘Zootopia’! (EXCLUSIVE)


Zootopia_CROSSWALK_SIGN thumbSo I heard this great joke the other day. What happens to a frog’s car when it breaks down? It gets toad away! Mind you, it wasn’t that funny when I first heard it, as it came from the tow guy who was taking my car because it was parked in a no-parking zone. Who knew that you can’t park in front of fire hydrants? Either way, however, the fact remains: it was a pretty funny joke, and speaking of funny animal jokes…

As Disney is gearing up for the premiere of its latest film, Zootopia, this Friday, a few of the stars of the film went on the loose and hit the mean streets of Los Angeles! Adventures ensued as we got a chance to see how much of an “animal” these stars can really be.


Starting a great day with a pile of donuts, we see how Clawhouser spends his time in the City of Angels, devouring the lovely decadence of freshly baked pastries. Of course, not everybody spent their day indulging themselves with sprinkled goodies! We caught up with Flash, the Sloth, as he just couldn’t help himself and just had to visit the local Department of Motor Vehicles. I’m certain that not everything in it was up to his rigorous specifications, and he had to offer a little help to get them up to “speed”.


But they weren’t the only critters on the loose in the concrete jungle known as LA! We were able to catch up with Nick and Judy, the two biggest stars of the film, as they went to visit old pals and friends, at the Los Angeles Zoo. As thick as thieves, these two, we see how after crazy hi-jinks and chaos, these two are now virtually inseparable.



You can grab all these furry TOMY plush animals and more over at Target, or grabbing the Zootopia Flash Pop! Vinyl figure on Amazon.

Catch all these guys, along with many other crazy critters, in Disney’s Zootopia, coming to theaters this Friday.

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