The horror of Silent Hills’ P.T. gets remade in live-action


You can do nothing but watch… No really, watch the video below.

Remember P.T.? One of the scariest video games ever created? The only catch was that it was a DEMO for Silent Hills, a game that will never come out because Konami hates money. Well, even though P.T. was released over a year ago (and deleted months later), its influence on horror games and culture can still be felt today. The most recent shining example being a short film created by AMS Productions, and the results are magnificent. Take a look:

While most certainly not a perfect replication of the game, the amount of effort put into it is just astonishing. They put in as many little details as possible ranging from the Norman Reedus’s outfit, the blurred mirror, and they even went as far as to include the fridge! What I find the most interesting is how they chose to end it. Rather than remake the end with the face reveal of Reedus and him walking out into the streetlights, they included an original ending featuring an abandoned school and Silent Hill mascot, Pyramid Head. This only makes me wonder if we would’ve seen Pyramid Head in Silent Hills, but we will never know.

Thanks for nothing, Konami, but thank YOU, AMS Productions, for this fine piece of art you’ve shared with us on the Internet!

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