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Mortal Kombat X took the fighting world by storm last year winning awards with its improved visuals, famous over-the-top fatalities, and most importantly an extremely well-balanced and intuitive combat system that is easy to learn yet difficult to master. Throughout the year, it released its first few DLC characters which were filled with staples from previous games and even some cool surprises like Jason Voorhees. Well it’s a new year and the team at Netherrealm Studios is showing no signs of slowing down today. It released Mortal Kombat XL which features all the previous content from the previous year as well as its next batch of DLC characters. Along with the additions to the roster, the newest patch also went live so we now also have access to The Pit (stage), more stage fatalities, character balancing, and improved Netcode for enhanced online play.

For those who already own MKX and the first Kombat Pack, you can get away with just buying Kombat Pack 2 ($19.99) which includes characters Bo’rai cho, Triborg, Leatherface, and Alien. Along with the new characters, Mortal Kombat XL also includes costume packs including Brazil, Kold War, Apocalypse and the Kold War Scorpion skin. If by chance you missed Goro (originally a DLC exclusive), he is also now included in the full set.

If you only bought MKX then you can buy the XL Pack ($24.99) which will include every DLC character, Legacy costumes including Predator/Prey Pack, Horror Pack, Klassic Pack 1 & 2, and all the other packs included in the $19.99 Kombat Pack 2.

Finally, if you never actually picked up MKX last year, then the full ($59.99) Mortal Kombat XL is right for you. It will include the base game and everything that has been released so far.

Get ready to hear Finish Him/Her all over again and be sure to check back with us for our full review coverage on the new roster additions very soon. I will be live streaming the game on Twitch today on my channel Twitch channel starting at 2PM PST. Stop by, say hello, ask questions while we check out the new characters, their fatalities and all the gore you could ever want, but until then, make sure you keep your X-ray meter filled and check out the MKXL launch trailer below.

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