Disney Infinity to release more Play Sets and figures like Ant-Man, Black Panther and Symbiote Spider-Man

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Today Disney Interactive made some big announcements for Disney Infinity including new Disney and Marvel figures and Play Sets, a new video series, and news on the success of its video games.

Since it has pretty much introduced all the big brands to the platform (Marvel, Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars), it’ll be focused on bringing out more Play Sets and figures for Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition. That means there will be no Disney Infinity 4.0 Edition for 2016.

Disney Interactive has revealed that Disney Infinity was able to beat out Activision’s Skylanders and LEGO Dimensions to become the top toys-to-life game in 2015. (I’m pretty sure Star Wars had a wee bit of help with that.) This marks its second year of being number one.

If you want to to see the future, present and past of Disney Infinity, be sure to check out Disney Infinity Next, a video series that will be revealing future plans and a behind-the-scenes look at Disney Infinity.

There will be four new Play Sets for 2016, one for each brand: Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.

Marvel Battlegrounds

Disney Infinity IN3_PlaySet_MarvelBattlegrounds

The first Play Set of 2016 will be Marvel Battlegrounds. New characters to be introduced are Black Panther, Ant-Man and Vision, with designs inspired by Captain America: Civil War.

If that’s not enough Marvel for you, then fans will get a kick out of this one. Black Suit Spider-Man will be having his own figure. The character was made available for the PlayStation Vita version of Disney Infinity 2.0, and now you can own one with the stand-alone figure that’s compatible with Marvel Battlegrounds.

IDisney Infinity N3_MBA_3Lineup


Disney Infinity IN3_CharacterDevelopment_Nick

You can own Zootopia’s Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde figures starting today in stores worldwide, in addition to four new Power Discs.

Disney Infinity IN3_CharacterDevelopment_Judy


Disney Infinity DIS_IGP_Baloo

With Jon Favreau’s live-action The Jungle Book film, Disney Infinity will have a Baloo figure coming soon that’s inspired by the animated movie. The classic character was a popular request.

The second episode of Disney Infinity Next will be out in the coming months, and we’ll get to see more news regarding Pixar.

Check out the close-ups of Black Suit Spider-Man, Vision, Black Panther and Ant-Man below.

Disney Infinity IGP_BlackSuitSpiderMan Disney Infinity IGP_BlackPanther Disney Infinity IGP_AntMan Disney Infinity IGP_Vision

Source: Disney Interactive

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