New Harry Potter ride is causing employees to spew

universal studios hollywood Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

The new rides at the Harry Potter Wizarding World, Universal Studios Hollywood have begun testing this week, and the Forbidden Journey, a 3D broom ride through Hogwarts, is causing employees to lose their biscuits. Gates open just over a month away and engineers are scrambling to fix the ride to make it more like riding a hippogriff and less like flying from a Hungarian Horntail dragon.

Some are saying it’s due to the Hollywood version being upgraded to 3D that’s creating a more intense and nauseating effect. I, for one, can only handle a couple 3D Universal Studios rides at a time before finding my land legs again. Knowing that this ride is already inducing vomiting after just one journey is definitely a let down.

Universal Studios has yet to make an official comment. Hopefully they can tame this Firebolt into a Nimbus so us muggles can enjoy the ride.

Source: TMZ

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