Checking out toy distributor Bluefin’s open house

Bluefin Warehouse (6)

The folks at Bluefin invited us to take a look inside their new warehouse. As you walk into the office, you are greeted with a life-size Hulkbuster. Talk about an introduction to the new location. If you have been to the old one in Irvine, the new Anaheim location is a total scene change and a massive upgrade. It has enough space for the employees to actually move around.

During the walkthrough, you can tell that they have just moved to this location recently. There were pallets here and there all with figures, plushies, statues, and other products stacked a good 6-to-7-feet high. They were also doing double duties of moving into a new location and preparing for the New York Toy Fair that just happened. So while it looked like there were lots of items, I will take a guess that there were more at their old location and probably more in big rigs that are still coming back from New York.

Bluefin Warehouse (9)

Speaking of Bluefin’s products, it looks like it has plans sometime in the future to allow online buying for the public, but we have no details on when that’s going to be. It also has plans for more available days for locals to pick up products they have purchased. As we toured the area, the employees were still working hard organizing the items as well as fulfilling orders from customers. It looked like the distributor was not on planning on shutting down deliveries while moving to the new location and setting up their staff. During the tour of the facilities, we felt like kids in a candy store… a very expensive candy store. At least, for the items we were looking at.

bluefin studio ghibli display

After the tour of the warehouse, we the checked out the display room on the second floor which showed off most of its big-name partners and its products. It also gave the company a chance to introduce people to some new partners that it has recently teamed up with. As you know, Bluefin distributes all ranges of figures and collectible from Japan, from Gundams (Gunplas) to SH Figuarts to Beast Kingdom to Comicave. All these figures and items range in price for collectors with different wallet sizes. The recent partnership is with Studio Ghibli and Storm Collectibles. From its showcase of items from Studio Ghibli, it looks like it will be distributing everything from clothing to figurines, to random desk items like a picture frame.

Bluefin Warehouse (10)

But the one that really caught my eye was Storm Collectibles which mostly deals in 1/6th scale posable figures. It had two figures on display, Mike Tyson Olympics Gear and Dennis Rodman “Bad Boy” Edition.

As the open house drew to a close, President John Parker and CEO/Owner Steve Fujimura gathered everyone to talk about the history of Bluefin and its humble start as a small distribution store in a garage to where they are now. They thanked all their partners, staff members, and everyone who helped them grow to the powerhouse they are today. The future looks bright for this company and I hope they continue in the upward ascent.

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