Flint’s fight for Nassau – Black Sails XXIV review


From the beginning, Flint has fought a hard battle for Nassau. He’s had everything taken away from him by the country he fought for. And as a ruthless pirate, Flint still sees his life slowly being picked apart. The Urca de Lima gold was the prize that would’ve enriched him and his crew to support Nassau to the point where they could’ve bought not only New Providence, but the Bahamas from England’s rule. When the gold was no longer in his grasp, the only way Flint saw redemption for Nassau was to fulfill the original plan of pardons for the pirates that lived on the island, a plan he helped put together prior to his betrayal and outcast. The royal pardons arrived at Nassau by a white knight, first in the form of 10 pardons for Flint’s capture, but eventually a blanket pardon for all residents of Nassau and New Providence. Governor Woodes Rogers has seen success so far, but his ultimate goal is reclaiming the Urca de Lima gold and sending it back to Spain. But a noticeable portion has been discovered to be missing and an insult to Spain. The future of Nassau now sits at the hands of remaining fortune who happens to be held by Anne Bonny.


In order for Flint to succeed in retaking Nassau, he needs to go back to the original plan. The pirates of Nassau that took the pardon may be the key to his success, and he convinced the Queen that they will honor their pledge once they see Flint is alive. Unfortunately, a sizable portion of the crew fled with Charles Vane and Edward Teach during their escape from Woodes Rogers. Flint aims to regain the fleet that pledged to defend Nassau in his efforts to retake it. And when he arrives at Ocracoke, Teach refuses to move forward with the plan and claims the fleet is his to command. Vane also refuses to move forward with Flint’s plan which pushes Teach to duel Flint for the claim of the fleet. With a quick draw and fire, Teach is down by Flint’s pistol, only to slowly recover and raise his sword. The two duel with Teach quickly gaining the upper hand by wounding Flint. Unable to defend himself well, Flint goes down but before Teach can deliver the final blow, Vane jumps in and pushes back Teach. Distraught, Teach walks past Vane and toward Flint, announces to take Vane and leave the beach.

With Vane on Flint’s side, could this be enough to persuade the pirates to renounce their pardons and fulfill their oath? Possibly, but Vane reveals to Flint a piece of information he’s discovered. With all the assets and forces they gather, the fall of Nassau could be at the hand of Spain due to the Governor’s inability to gather the Urca de Lima gold. Vane reveals that Spain is aware of the transactions of the gold into gems and still holds the Governor accountable for it. Governor Rogers has Jack Rackham arrested and attempts to convince him to return the gems. With the threat of Spain raising Nassau to the ground, Rackham sends a message to Anne Bonny, unbeknownst to Rogers, that contains an encrypted message to run with the gems. Bonny does so, first slaying the messenger and disappearing with the gems. Flint and Vane now know a key to Rogers’ fall, and it will depend on securing the gems before Rogers can. In doing so, they may also inadvertently start a war that they cannot win. It’ll be a fight for Nassau that goes beyond England, and to Spain and their quest in reclaiming what is theirs.


Anne Bonny holds Woodes Rogers’ success hostage as long as she keeps the gems. And with Flint and Vane fully aware of the gems and their importance to Rogers, their goal in retaking Nassau will be one step closer once they recover the gems. Jack Rackham’s note to Bonny has started a chain of events that will allow him to be a key player in retaking Nassau for himself. The prized Urca de Lima gold that Flint fought for still haunts him with his first initial failure in claiming it, only to have to secure it again to ensure his plan will succeed. But will Flint’s battle for Nassau be worth the fight in the long run? There are only 4 episodes left in Season 3 of Black Sails, and each episode shows why this is one of STARZ best series to date. Compelling stories taking straight from history of betrayal that will test your own loyalties to these characters and have you rooting for the bad guys.

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