Mad Max: Fury Road takes 6 Oscars to Valhalla


Big wins may have gone to Room, The Revenant, and Spotlight at the 88th Academy Awards, but Mad Max: Fury Road championed the show by winning 6 Oscars from their 10 nominations. That’s double the wins of their closest competitor, The Revenant, which took home 3 golden statues.

Mad Max: Fury Road swept the below-the-line categories of Best Costume Design, Production Design, Makeup & Hairstyling, Film Editing, and both Sound Mixing and Editing. However, there were still some upsets. Visual Effects went to Ex Machina, and while this is being considered a major upset considering the incredible scale of Fury Road‘s visual and practical effects, it’s also difficult for a lot of critics to sit comfortably with the idea of a film as great as Ex Machina walking away without a win under their belt. Another loss was in Best Cinematography, which went to Emmanuel Lubezki for a record-breaking third time in a row for his work on The Revenant. Considering that film was shot almost entirely with natural light and involved halting production for months to travel across the continent to find natural snow, there’s a clear case for either film.

However, many fans are still asking how a film that could be so lauded for its overall composure, artistry, and skill would fail to have its director recognized (that award went to Alejandro Iñárritu for the second year in a row) or take home Best Picture (which Spotlight snagged). It’s far from the first time such a thing has happened, and some are pointing the finger at Fury Road‘s early release, which has harmed the Oscar aspirations of films in the past. On the other hand, it’s fairly clear that George Miller and his team weren’t making Mad Max: Fury Road with the idea of winning an Academy Award in mind; they just wanted to make an amazing film, and on that front they have overwhelmingly succeeded.

Are you happy with Mad Max: Fury Road‘s recognition from the Academy? Or do you think they were snubbed of the awards they rightfully deserved? Just want to gush about costume designer Jenny Beavan’s awesome leather jacket? Let us know in the comments!

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