3 genres Pokemon should try

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I can’t believe that Pokemon is 20 years old. We’ve seen the game evolve (pun intended) from a simple RPG that people loved all over to a mega-juggernaut RPG that, well, people love all over. Through its time, the Pokemon franchise has stepped out of the box more than a few times, genre-wise, to entertain its fans. From Pokemon Snap to the upcoming Pokemon GO!, Pokemon has been wrapped around a lot of genres, but not all. Here are a few video game genres I would love to see Pokemon grace with its presence.


First on the list seems simple to me. The MOBA genre is all the rage with the kids, or the raging adults that seem like kids that populate most of them. Pokemon would be a perfect fit for the genre, a classic three-lane style with as many of the 700-plus Pokemon you can cram into the game. Go ahead and make it free to play. Hell, copy the same format as League of Legends if you want. I’m sure if done right you can get a massive amount of people to play a free-to-play Pokemon MOBA and pay an insane amount of cash to get all the funny skins the developers would put the Pokemon in. Do I hear headhunter Nidoran?

Smash Bros Pokemon

Nintendo has already given the world a taste of what Pokemon can do in a Smash Bros setting. Now the only natural step, in my opinion, is to just go full out Smash Bros Pokemon addition. Pick the top 25 fan favorites to begin with and have them battle it out in the traditional Smash Bros method. You can design each level like a different gym and even create a unique story mode for each Pokemon. Come on, Nintendo, you already have one foot in the door, just walk through.

Pokemon MMO

Let’s face it, a fully fleshed-out, 3D, open world Pokemon MMO would shut the planet down for a few months. The recipe is so simple as well. You take everything that you have already in the Pokemon RPGs and you translate that into a fully exploitable 3D game, with friends. You give the player character and Pokemon customization to have millions of players with not only unique trainers but unique-looking Pokemon as well. You treat players to tons of environments where they can see the Pokemon moving around freely. You can include every Pokemon in the game that exists already, and release more with updates as time goes on. Countless time would be spent on a Pokemon MMO if done correctly.

This is only a few thought I had on the different game types; there are plenty more. I would love to see some come to fruition, but doubt that will come about. What game genre, if any would you like to see your beloved Pokemon test out?

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