Stephen Amell wants Arrow to do a crossover with Supergirl


The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl executive producer Greg Berlanti’s attempts at getting a crossover to work between The Flash and Supergirl have worked. It’s finally going to happen with Grant Gustin appearing as The Flash in an upcoming episode of CBS’ Supergirl. But what about Stephen Amell’s Arrow? If the crossover between The Flash and Supergirl goes well, we may see that happening.

In an interview with IGN, Amell has expressed his interest in appearing in an episode of Supergirl.

“In this iteration of the DC Universe, the ‘Television Universe’ as it were, I’m the guy that’s been around the longest, so I always feel — whether I’m on a show or I’m not on a show — I always feel as though I can in some way, shape or form represent them, and I always want them to be wildly successful and last for many more years than we end up lasting, because I just want to see people have success. So I would love to go over to Supergirl. That would be a blast, if for no other reason than I miss shooting in Los Angeles.”

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