Snake Eyez’s Zangief is a force to fear in Street Fighter V


Zangief in Street Fighter V is a whole different type of beast compared to what he was capable of in Ultra Street Fighter IV. Honestly, with the removal of his Green Hand and Atomic Suplex, I never thought he would be able to stand up to certain opponents, but then again I’m not Darryl S. Lewis, aka RB (Red Bull) | Snake Eyez.

Of course, Snake Eyez is known for being the best Zangief in North America when it comes to Ultra Street Fighter IV. He placed 5th at this year’s Capcom Cup and placed 1st in major tournaments such as Winter Brawl 9 and The Fall Classic. Like many, the question came up if he would be sticking to Zangief in Street Fighter V, and for the last two weeks, he has by taking first place at WNF (Wednesday Night Fights) both times.

The game has only been out for two weeks now, but Snake Eyez has shown us just how much of a monster Zangief can be with moves like his headbutt to cancel projectiles, a powerful charge punch and standing kick which can stagger enemies when it crush counters, and great use of Zangief’s V-Trigger, V-Skill and EX Spinning Pile Driver air grab.

Here is a match between Snake Eyez and RoyalFlush where Snake Eyez just dominates taking the first two rounds with a perfect. RoyalFlush isn’t a pushover but just couldn’t get out of that Zangief pressure.

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