MTG: Conspiracy is back with a new set

Fans of the Magic the Gathering Conspiracy format have reasons to celebrate now that the latest installment has been officially announced. Conspiracy Take the Crown will be the name of the new set and will include 221 cards. The Conspiracy set is special in the fact that it is released with multiplayer in mind.

The tagline of the release was “You stab my back and I’ll stab yours.” We can be sure to expect a lot of new cards and mechanics that will really persuade players to approach the game a little differently than normal. Most of the fun in giant multiplayer Magic matches comes from the in-game ‘politics’. Before each move you need to consider everyone else at the table and whether you are in a position to pull aggro, or whether it’s best you underplay to set someone else up as a target. If you are a more casual player that really enjoys the draft format as well as the mental gamesmanship aspect of Magic the Gathering, then this set is something to be excited about.

You can look forward to seeing the Conspiracy: Take the Crown in stores all over starting August 26th, 2016

For more information check out the official press release:



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