NIS America shows off its 2016 lineup



NIS America held an annual press event to give everyone a preview of all the games coming in 2016. It showed off a few recognizable titles but also plenty of new titles coming to Western audiences. Fans of the NIS America brand will have a full plate of games ranging from classic RPGs, graphic novels, and even some horror-style games to keep them occupied throughout all of 2016.

Disgaea PC


First and foremost we have one of the most prolific games on the NIS America roster, Disgaea. Disgaea PC is an enhanced port of the PS3 version of the original PS2. While we may joke about the inception-like qualities of games getting this amount of attention and remastering, it still stands as one of the best strategy RPGs of its time. Disgaea is one of those games that never takes itself too seriously and throws pretty much all caution to the wind in the name of overkill, fan service, and most of all comedy. Disgaea PC released on February 24th and can be found on Steam. In case you’ve never played this classic, check out the trailer below.

Grand Kingdom

GK_JP_Screens (4)

NIS America kicked the night off by showing us this new title. Grand Kingdom combines the elements of classic grid-based strategy RPG with traditional 2D sidescrolling RPG mechanics. Players must form a mercenary squad and attempt to become the greatest mercenary squad in a time of war between 4 different kingdoms. It features both original Japanese and English voice acting, fun combat, and an online mode that makes this an interesting prospect for 2016. Check out the trailer below until the game launches for both PS4 and PS Vita this summer.

Stranger of Sword City

SoSC English Screenshot (7)

From the team that brought us Operation Abyss comes another first-person dungeon crawler full of creative and customizable characters and grotesque monsters that are gridlocked in combat in a city ruled over by 3 factions. It focuses on traditional turn-based combat and challenging enemies, all with a narrative surrounding the gods, humans, and destiny. Check out the official character trailer below until the full game launches this April for the PS Vita.

Touhou Genso Rondo


Bullet hell doesn’t even begin to describe the intensity level of Touhou Genso Rondo. The amount of projectiles in this game is unreal and is finally being brought over for the Western audience to enjoy. It features bright and colorful characters that compete in combat for points as well as survival. Your dexterity and reflexes will be put to the ultimate test when this one arrives in the West later this year.

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness


Graphic novels are a huge thing now. What was originally a very small market here in the West has become a booming seller thanks to other games in the genre like Danganronpa. Now with a property like Psycho-Pass, which already has tons of name recognition, the genre is bound to see another boost to sales. The first bit that’s been shown looks pretty darn impressive, and I can’t wait to check out more of this title when it comes out later this year.

Yomawari Night Alone


Yomawari Night Alone is by far the game that caught my eyes the most during the nights events. It features extremely adorable characters and a haunting world. You play as a little girl who is afraid of the dark, like most children, but she is amplified by the feeling of loneliness after her family has gone missing. Her town appears to be very different than others, for at night it transforms and she is chased by creatures of nightmare.

From the trailer it appears your only defense is your single flashlight, and even that is no match for some of the biggest nightmares that will be chasing you. Check out the trailer below until the game launches late this year for the PS Vita.

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