Drunk Hawk Man: A web series about a superhero who just doesn’t give a sh*t


Superheroes have a lot on their plate. It seems like they have the world on their shoulders… and they really do. Just because a person has superpowers, they are automatically supposed to use them for good (or for villains, for evil). Why can’t they just be treated like normal people who just sit around and get drunk?

Of course, this isn’t the case for Hawk Man, a loose parody of DC’s Hawkman. In this comedic take, he may be a superhero who is destined for greatness, but all he wants to do is be a normal guy and hang out with his bros.

Geek Crash Course‘s Michael Nixon plays Hawk, the ancient prince who has been reincarnated many times with the ability to sprout wings – or in this case, put them on. Along with his friends Ollie (Richard Valentin Jr) and Hal (Noah James), Hawk goes through life partying his problems away, but he can’t help but be a hero and be attracted to Shiara (Summer Camp‘s Melinda-Catherine Gross), his destined lover. Why do things have to be so complicated?!

If you’re looking for a funny superhero story where the hero tries to live his life as a normal bro but fails horribly, this is the web series for you.

Drunk Hawk Man will release all nine episodes on YouTube on February 29th.

Until then, enjoy the trailer below:

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