The best 9 photos Scott Kelly has posted over #yearinspace

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly is finally counting down his last days in space, which makes me so sad! Kelly has been in space for an entire year, documenting all of his work as well as his beautiful view on social media using the hashtag #yearinspace. For those of us who have been following along since the beginning will understand how extremely surreal this is. Scott Kelly is our #1 man in space! Giving us the inside to what being up on ISS is like, and also allowing us to look at the world and the universe around us from a different perspective. Not seeing those posts anymore is going to make me, and I’m sure most of us, so sad! Although I’m sure we’re all happy to have him back.

With only 9 days left for him to go, I decided to do a little tribute to his #yearinspace. I’ve compiled 9 of my favorite posts and pictures he has uploaded onto social media throughout the year. Trust me, I could look at all his photos from the year for days. But I’ll let you do that on your own time. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite Scott Kelly pictures.

9. Scott Kelly enjoying a moment

Scott Kelly // 9

The picture before he took off into space! Yes I know, he wasn’t actually there yet so one could argue that this doesn’t count. But he used the hashtag, so shhh! He posted this 47 weeks ago and expressed that he was enjoying a moment of solitude before taking off and spending the next year up in the sky… in solitude. Isn’t that insane?

8. New Perspective

Scott Kelly // 8

Yes, I know we’ve all seen photos like this before. But it’s just cool to look at the world we live on from the perspective of someone just like us looking at it via the ISS. Makes you think.

7. Aurora!

Scott Kelly // 7

27 weeks ago, the astronaut posted this photo of the Northern Lights leaving a colorful veil over our planet. It’s pretty when we see it from Earth, but looking at it from space makes it that much prettier.

6. Typhoon Soudelor

Scott Kelly // 6

Typhoon Souledor was the second most intense cyclone to show up in the norther hemisphere. This occurred in the Philippines last year in August. Isn’t it weird to look at it from this perspective, or is it just me?

5. Lights of Vietnam

Scott Kelly // 5

Just about a week ago, this is what Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon) in Vietnam looked like! One of my favorite types of Scott Kelly pictures include looking at beautiful cities from space.

4. Fruit!

Scott Kelly // 4

I don’t know about you, but I love seeing what they’re up to on the ISS! Sure, pretty pictures from Earth and others are exciting, but lifestyle pictures are the best. This was posted 26 weeks ago by the man himself!

3. The African Desert

Scott Kelly // 3

Looks like a piece of art work, doesn’t it? It’s an actual photo of the African Desert! His photos that look like this look so mysterious. Can you find out exactly where this was taken? Breathtaking!

2. Bahamas

Scott Kelly // 2

Such a pretty color. Just like that last, it looks like a piece of art work. This photo is of the Bahamas!

1. South Africa

Scott Kelly // 1

The reason I chose this one to be the number one on the list is because I really love what Scott Kelly has done for us over the past year. Like I said before, we have been able to see things from his perspective and things like this give us a new meaning and appreciation for the things around and above us. This picture does just that, allowing us to view a place we know exists in a whole new light. Gorgeous, isn’t it?

It’s so strange that we’ll be getting astronaut Scott Kelly back in just 9 days. What an amazing job he has done this past year. Thanks Kelly! For showing us our planet in a different eye, what a beautiful time it has been! Who else is excited to see his last 9 posts?

All these photos can be found on his Instagram!

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