Sword Art Online comes to life thanks to IBM and VR technology

sword art online

The popular anime Sword Art Online takes place in 2022 where players are trapped in a virtual world and their nerve gear headsets are hijacked to kill them in real life if they die in the game. With the VR technology brought to us recently from companies like Oculus and Samsung, fans of the anime have been waiting for the day to play out this story for themselves (without the impending threat of death of course). We’re still a long way from getting a real nerve gear, the device from the anime that connects a player’s brainwaves to the game, but we’re closer than we ever have been before! In the show they can see, smell, and even taste food from their virtual world.

IBM Japan is using new technology called “Cognitive System” and “SoftLayer,” a high performance cloud able to produce a realistic VR MMO environment to bring the game Sword Art Online: The Beginning to life. During a special event taking place in Tokyo, March 18th – 20th, attendees will receive a full 3D body scan to create their avatar for the game. In lieu of a controller, the game will be played by motion control, which we can only guess might be used by the Oculus touch, a gesture-like controller.

If you’re lucky enough be in Tokyo for the event, you can RSVP at the website below and check out the official trailer. This is an incredible opportunity to link VR and MMO gaming with a story that fans are already eager to experience.


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