Could we get to Mars in 3 days?

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Spacecraft and technology are getting more advanced by the day, it seems like. But hey, I’m not complaining! One thing we’ve always struggled with is the amount of time it takes for us to reach other worlds. We all want to see Mars, but that means preparing for a travel time of 5 months there as well as 5 months back. Although that doesn’t seem too long to travel to another planet, it’s nothing like what we saw in Star Trek and Star Wars, right? Let alone any sci-fi movie. Well, with NASA’s new research, we may be one step closer to bringing our films to life.

What if we could use a different system to provide power propulsion to our spacecrafts? If we can get to planets in the speed of light in a lab, why not in actual life? NASA scientist Phillip Lubin is working on making theory into a real thing. Just like Bill Nye’s light sail, the scientist is using a concept much like it. Instead of using the sun to help fuel photons in a photonic¬†propulsion, Lubin is using that of lasers on Earth.

“There are recent advances that take this from science fiction to science reality.¬†There is no known reason why we can not do this,” says the NASA official.

Check out this video explaining the process and how we can make it work:

Cool, right? This system won’t just be able to take us to Mars, though. Something like this could expand our regions and allow us to travel outside of our own Solar System. Man, I hope I live to the day this happens. What do you think?

Source: Science Alert

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