Hi-Rez bringing Smite to the PS4


First the PC, then the Xbox 1, now the game you all know and love, well at least me, is coming to a PS4 near you.

The good old guys at Hi-Rez have decided to share Smite with Sony players across the globe, and for free for that matter. The closed Beta starts in March and you can sign up right here. The game is already in closed alpha.

odin world

The PS4 version, just like the Xbox One version, will bring all sorts of new goodies to new and veteran Smite players. When the Beta releases, players that link their account to the Ps4 will get the exclusive skin for Odin called “When Worlds Collide.” If you have PS Plus then KuKulkan’s “KuKu4” skin will be unlocked for you. Finally if you buy the founders pack for $29.99, you’ll get the god’s past, present, and future unlocked, and you’ll get Ymir’s “C4codemon” skin as an added bonus. All bonus skins exclusive to the PS4.

I for one can’t wait for the full release of the game to see if Hi-Rez brings some exclusive feature to the PS4 version since there will be no cross-platform play, but only time will tell.

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