Deadpool dominates the box office with $492 million worldwide


Remember when Fox wanted a PG-13 version of the Merc with a Mouth because it feared that an R-rated version wasn’t going to be a huge success? Well, it looks like their gamble paid off, and we can thank Ryan Reynolds, director Tim Miller and the many fans out there for that. It was revealed today that Deadpool has grossed $492 million worldwide at the box office. Those are great numbers for an R-rated movie.

To put things in perspective, Deadpool is part of Fox’s X-Men Cinematic Universe, and its $235 million domestic box office grossing has already beaten X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s $233 million, X2: X-Men United‘s $214 million, and X-Men: The Last Stand‘s $234 million. (Yes, it’s still surprising to see that the third X-Men film has grossed that much.)

Things are a bit different for worldwide box office numbers since X-Men: Days of Future Past grossed $747.9 million worldwide.

The highest-grossing R-rated film worldwide is The Matrix Reloaded with $742 million at the 70th spot. Deadpool is currently at the 152nd spot.

Fox should be really happy since it produced the movie for just $58 million.

Marvel Studios was one of the first to gamble on its lesser-known properties like Iron Man (compared to heroes like Spider-Man and Batman) and Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel Studios has definitely helped other studios become braver in creating a cinematic universe since Fox is working on other X-tiles like X-Force and Warner Bros. with the Justice League films.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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