NYKO Cygnus Controller for Android (review)


As smartphones get more and more powerful, the games we can play on them get better and better. If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be able to play a first-person shooter on my phone without a problem, I would not have believed you. Yet here we are with a multitude of games that have the quality that last generation’s consoles had. The one issue is the controls. Sure a bigger screen helps, but you still lose some visibility and the touch controls can be clumsy. That’s where Nyko comes in with their Cygnus Controller for Android.


The controller feels and is shaped much like an Xbox One controller. The Cygnus, however, is coated in a soft rubberized material and comes with rubber grips on the sides. Between the grips and the rubberized material, the controller is very comfortable and easy to hold for long gaming sessions. The button layout is similar to that of the Xbox One as well. The “A, X, B, Y” buttons are in the same position, the thumbsticks are staggered and there D-pad is in the same location as well.

The controller is powered by AA batteries which go in the back of the controller, again, much like the Xbox One controller. There is also a micro USB port on the top between the two bumper buttons that the controller can be powered by. The Cygnus Controller is able to be plugged into the micro USB on the bottom of your Android device to not only be powered but also as a wired controller if no batteries are available.


Overall the controller is designed really well and is really comfortable to hold. As an Xbox user myself, it was really easy to use and I had no problem getting used to the button layout.


The Nyko Cygnus Controller is connected to your Android device primarily by Bluetooth. Connecting it is fairly simple as you connect it just like any other Bluetooth device. I found it pretty easy to connect to the controller to my LG V10. It took a couple times to connect, but once I got it connected, the controller auto-mapped the buttons to a typical FPS layout and was easy to use.


The controller is also capable of being used as a wired controller with a PC through the use of a micro USB to USB cable. I tried using this feature as well, however, I was not able to get the controller to be recognized by the PC despite installing the required drivers and attempting it on two different games. To troubleshoot, I attempted the same two games with the same cord but using my Xbox One controller and that worked. This may an issue that can be remedied by an updated driver from Nyko and perhaps more in depth instructions when it comes to connecting to the PC.

Although there was an issue connecting to the PC, that is not what the controller is advertised for so I don’t hold that against them too much. However if the ability is there it should work. When it came down to it, I was able to connect via Bluetooth to my phone, even though it took a couple tries.

Final Reaction

The Nyko Cygnus Controller is a great controller for gaming on your Android device. It is comfortable to hold, has a familiar layout, and not only can be wireless, but also can be used wired to your device in a jam with out batteries. Where it falls short is in the connection to the PC and the initial issues when connecting to my phone via Bluetooth. Both of these issues aren’t really a deal breaker but is something to be noted.


Overall, I would recommend this controller to anyone that likes to play more advanced games on the Android devices. The NYKO Cygnus Controller for Android is available now for around $24.99. For more information on the controller and to learn where you can get one for yourself, visit the NYKO website here.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

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