Konami unable to prevent Hideo Kojima from receiving award and standing ovation

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Remember when Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain won an award at the Video Game Awards last year? Konami lawyers prevented Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima from attending and receiving the award, and Geoff Keighley put the company on blast in front of millions of viewers. Well, now that Kojima has a new studio and is free to do what he wants, it looks like he’s having a blast traveling all around the world and reconnecting with visionaries like Guillermo del Toro and actors like Norman Reedus.

With last night’s DICE awards, no Konami lawyers were able to prevent Kojima from receiving his much-deserved award for being an influential video game designer.

Check out the video below where Kojima got a standing ovation when he went up on stage to be added into the AIAS Hall of Fame.

What made the event even funnier was Konami winning an award for “Best Action/Adventure Game” for Metal Gear Solid V. Of course Kojima couldn’t receive that award and Konami was a no-show.

Via Kotaku

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