Hundreds of Spotify accounts hacked


Bad news for Spotify users. News has just broke that hackers have been able to compromise over a hundred premium Spotify accounts. A single hacker claimed responsibility for the leak after personal information from Spotify user showed up online on Monday. The data was posted on Pastebin, a notorious website that many anonymous hackers have been known to use for data dumps in the past. While the information doesn’t include costumer’s credit card information, it does contain Spotify user’s personal email addresses and passwords. 

According to IBTimes UK, Spotify was quick to verify the authenticity of the data and quickly notified the affected users to change their passwords. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that Spotify security has been breached in the last year or so. It was just last year in November that the music streaming service came under fire for the exact same thing when costumers’ personal emails and passwords were released. Being that is this the second time that this has happened in under a years time, many feel that Spotify needs to answer for their bad security.

 So far there has been no public comment from Spotify about the leak.

Source: IBTimes UK

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