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Magic the Gathering announced Monday that the next set to be released will be none other than Eternal Masters, a set that will bring nostalgia to longtime players. Eternal Masters will be bringing to the players reprints of some of the greatest and most sought-after cards throughout the history of Magic, and will help fans of the game build unique strategies in all formats, including Commander, Vintage, and Legacy.

This won’t be your regular run-of-the-mill release, however. Eternal Masters will mirror the release of last year’s surprise set, 2015’s Modern Masters, as this set will be released with booster packs up the in the price range of $9.99. The booster boxes will house 24 pack, as opposed to normal 36 boosters to a box, although Wizards of the Coast have already confirmed that they will not be packed in the notorious cardboard boxes as the previous Masters set.

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With this announcement also comes our first glimpse of two of the cards highly sought after by Vintage players around. Force of Will, a mythic rare with a three colorless and two blue mana cost, and Wasteland, a rare land, are reprints from Alliances and Tempest, respectively. The set will have a release date in June, and it will also include a release on Magic Online, although that date is a week later.

Eternal Masters is designed to be a unique and enjoyable Draft experience, much like Modern Masters. It will not contain cards from the Reserved List, but it will feature many exciting Eternal staples, and will allow players an opportunity to delve into the Legacy format. Despite rumor circulating that someone has the card list for this set (click here for their statement), Wizards will be continuing to do what they do best: give players and fans of the ever growing and ever evolving game the best experience they can.


What do you think of the new set? What are some of the cards you’re hoping to see reprinted? Let us know in the comments below!

Eternal Masters will be released in stores June 10, and on Magic Online June 17.

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