Terry Bogard, Clark Still, Maxima and a new fighter join King of Fighters XIV

While we’re not sure of the release date for King of Fighters XIV, it hasn’t stopped SNK Playmore from slowly introducing new and returning fighters from the series. The sixth trailer for the game introduces one new fighter known as “King of Dinosaurs” while also confirming that veteran fighters Terry Bogard, Maxima and Clark Still will be returning.

king of dino

So just who is this mysterious newcomer, and why is he dressed as a dinosaur? According to his bio, the King of Dinosaurs is “an evil and mysterious ‘heel’ (a.k.a. a ‘rudo’ in lucha libre) wrestler who wears a tyrannosaurus mask.” It continues with, “Is he about to devour all the veteran fighters? Human or beast? Who hides behind the mask?!”One thing is for sure, the series has a new grappler, complete with Izuna drop, which looks fun.

One thing is for sure, the series has a new grappler complete with Izuna drop, which looks fun.


With each trailer we get a better look at how the game is improving visually. We also get to see first gameplay for characters like King, Ralph and Angel, who were previously announced but no gameplay was ever shown.

King of Fighters XIV is a PlayStation 4-exclusive title and is set to release sometime in 2016.

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