Sign up for new My Nintendo and Miitomo service now


Last year we saw the end of the Club Nintendo reward service. Nintendo announced that it would instead be focusing on a new service known as My Nintendo in 2016.

While the service isn’t set to launch until next month, Nintendo is already letting users register for a new account right now. Creating an account is really simple, especially if you already have a Nintendo Network ID. All you need to to is log in and enter some information, wait for a verification code and you’re set. Once you log in, you can see what devices your Nintendo ID is currently linked to.

My Nintendo will serve as a hub to access information across all different platforms from your Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, PC, smartphone/tablet and even the NX. There’s a lot more Nintendo has planned for the service including theme parks. (I wonder how it will be incorporated.) The new service will reward players with two different type of points and can be redeemed for different rewards. Platinum points are earned by browsing Nintendo storefronts and launching the publisher’s free games and apps, while gold points are earned by purchasing games, apps and other digital content from Nintendo.


In addition to My Nintendo, we will also see the release of Nintendo’s social app Miitomo in March. You can also pre-register for now.

Stay tuned for more information, especially on redeemable rewards and our thoughts on the Miitomo app.

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