Here’s the current Street Fighter V DLC schedule

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Street Fighter V is finally out and Capcom has some pretty big plans for the game with DLC. While we already know Capcom will be releasing Alex, Guile, Ibuki, Balrog, Juri and Urien over the next few months, here’s a timeline of what’s to come.


Next month Capcom will be updating Street Fighter V with a challenge/trial mode, improved online support, and an online shop to purchase things like new costumes and colors. April and May will see two more DLC characters released, which haven’t been announced yet. June will see the players explore a larger and expanded cinematic story, one that producer Yoshinoro Ono says will take anywhere from an hour plus to complete and delve deeper into the Street Fighter V universe. Finally, July through September will see the last three DLC characters released raising the total to 22 characters.

The Cinematic Story Expansion along with next month’s Challenge/Trial mode and Improved Lobby support will all be free updates. Capcom also recently release the Street Fighter V DLC pass which will give players access to all the characters, color and costumes currently known for $29.99; however, players will be able to unlock things like regular costumes and the DLC characters using in-game currency earned in the game.

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Each DLC character will cost you 100,00 points, meaning you need 600,000 to unlock all six characters, and story mode costumes will cost 40,000 each. You can earn more fight money be playing and completing each character’s individual stories, playing survival mode which each character in different difficulty settings and by winning online matches.

You can also purchase Zenny which is real-life money (each dollar will get you 100 Zenny). Each character would run you 600 Zenny ($6); the only thing you can’t buy with Fight Money are premium costumes which run about 400 Zenny each ($4). If you plan on buying all the premium costumes, you are probably better off buying the season pass for $30, rather than buying each costume one by one since it adds up, but only if you care about costumes.

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