Three weird games I’ve found on Steam

My Name is Mayo //

As of recent, I’ve been playing more games that I should have a long time ago! Things like Life is Strange, The Wolf Among Us, etc. But in the meantime, while browsing Steam, I’ve seen some very interesting titles and games… ones that I’m not sure should even exist! I’ve compiled my top 3 games that I stumbled across that beg the question, “What in the world?”

By all means, some of you have probably heard of these or even played them! But why not revisit the questionable video games that exist within our era?

The third, “not as weird as the others” game I decided to put on my list is Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015. Right there – right in the title just says it all.

So what is it? Well, the gameplay is simple. A little boy character will pop up on the screen, and he’ll be a different color or look different every time. When you see what he looks like, pick the dad who happens to be showering and pair up the two. Basically, what child belongs to what father? Drag your little guy to his showering father and boom – onto the next? I mean, what’s weird in that – am I right?!

Most of you have probably heard of this, seeing as last year it got pretty popular and has over 1,000 reviews on Steam. The game design has an 8-bit feel to it, in a sense. I’m not sure if it’s technically that, but it is definitely pixelated! The music is cool, and if you like showering with your dad, I recommend this game. Trust me, it’s for you. You can purchase it on Steam here.

Number two on my list is a cheeky, little game called What’s Under Your Blanket?!

Now, don’t judge the game by its title. It could be taken as a horror game, which is what I thought it was at first. But oh was I wrong. What’s Under Your Blanket has you playing a teenage boy who “toodles the noodle” in his bedroom and is attempting to not get caught.

Random characters who live with you come out of your bedroom door and closet, and if you hear the door opening or they come in, you have to act fast and stop what you’re doing to shoo them out of the room. If you get caught – you lose! Pretty simple, right?

The art is pretty basic as well as the storyline, but it definitely fits in on my list. And hey! It has cool music. You can purchase it here!

Now for number one on my list! The past two have been a bit risque if I do say so myself, however, this last one is not. It’s just kind of makes you think, “Why does something like this even exist?” With that being said, the weirdest game on my list is called My Name is Mayo.

What?! Yep. The trailer starts off with saying that the mayo’s life is based on a true story and the jar even has its own little, emo haircut. But soon enough you find out what the game really is – a super simple, basic clicker game. How entertaining, right? You get to click on a jar of mayonnaise for an endless amount of time.

But don’t worry! You can put the jar of mayo into different scenarios like, have it rain cats and dogs everywhere. Or even make it where a bikini with some whip cream. Because who doesn’t want that in their life?

People don’t mess around when it comes to My Name is Mayo, man. The game on Steam has about 300 reviews and some people have put about 2.9 hours into playing it. I mean, seriously? To each their own but that’s an awfully long time to click on a mayo jar!

The game itself is pointless, really. Which is why I made it number one on my list. Unusual, unnecessary, but overall makes you laugh when you come across it. Still, I’m not sure who has the time to click on a jar for two hours. Purchase it on Steam here.

Needless to say, I’ve had some weird nights on Steam. However, these games make for some good laughs. I have yet to play them, and I’m not sure if I ever will. But by all means, let me know if you have!

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