The Punisher comes to town in new Daredevil Season 2 trailer!


We’ve been waiting to see glimpses from Season 2 of Marvel and Netflix’s groundbreaking Daredevil series, and it’s finally here. Netflix has just released the first trailer for the upcoming season and it looks phenomenal. We see as Matt Murdock has been cleaning up Hell’s Kitchen, a new force has come to town and is pouring bullets of vengeance into bad guys everywhere. It seems like we’ll also get to see the transformation of Frank Castle as he transitions into The Punisher. And last but not least, we see Matt meet up with an old flame that happens to go by the name of Elektra Natchios.

One thing to note though, this trailer is only Part 1, as Netflix will be releasing Part 2 on February 25. From what we can see right now, Season 2 looks to obliterate an already amazing first season. With The Punisher on hand, there will be no shortage of bullets, action and blood. Check out the trailer for yourself below! Daredevil Season 2 hits Netflix on March 18th.

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