Sony bringing back Crash Bandicoot?


A toy company director may have just accidentally spilled the beans that Sony is bringing Crash Bandicoot back. Oops.

This past weekend marked the New York Toy Fair where toy companies from around the world converge to debut their new lines, products, and prototypes for the coming year. In an interview with PixelDan from Destructoid, NECA Toys’ toy director Randy Falk was talking about how excited he was that his company was joining forces with Sony. That’s when he let it slip that “looking at some of their other titles… I see they’re bringing Crash Bandicoot back, so there’s some great stuff there.”

Considering that Sony has made no major announcements about a revival of the series, this seems like a slip that could get Falk in a touch of trouble if a Crash Bandicoot game is indeed on its way. The interview also comes hot on the heels of the PlayStation Middle East twitter account posting a tribute to the character, which could be considered a tease for things to come.


In 2014 Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House and Naughty Dog both made statements in interviews that rebooting the Crash Bandicoot series was something they were considering, and would never actually be off the table. However, more recent comments made in 2015 by Naughty Dog’s Josh Scherr and Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells stated firmly that there were no serious plans to revive the series with their team for the PS4, even if it would be a ton of fun to do so. It’s unclear if anything has changed in the year since then but considering the fluid nature of the video game market, it’s definitely possible.

There is absolutely a vast section of gamers (myself included) who would be more than a little excited to see a new Crash Bandicoot video game on the market, especially considering the original game will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in September. But it wouldn’t be terribly surprising to see Sony move forward in developing a new title without Naughty Dog’s team, considering their focus on more adult and narratively driven games in the last decade. Either way, all we can do for now is sit and wait for news, or a lack of it.

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